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Dol’s Pond is a daily online auction site for pre-loved luxury handbags from designer and cult labels. A site made for bag lovers by bag aficionados, it is the ideal secure platform for genuine buyers and sellers. Our rare, coveted and exclusive bags are stringently vetted and authenticated by our experts before they can be listed and we have a money-back guarantee to back authenticity. Sellers are assured of active auctions and better bids for their listings. As we aim to make luxury accessible, we only charge low commission fees. Whether for seasoned collectors or first-time buyers, enjoy a seamless shopping experience on Dol’s Pond.

As your trusted luxury online partner, we offer:

  •   Daily Live Auctions

  • Coveted, limited-edition and
    collector-worthy bags that are
    authenticated by experts

  • Low commission fees when

    you buy or sell

  • A vetted community of genuine

    buyers and sellers

  • Money-back guarantee to
    back the authenticity claim

    of our bags

  • Safe and secure
    transactions, always

  • An easy-to-use platform for both
    seasoned collectors and first-time

    buyers or sellers

About Global Pond

Global Pond is an umbrella group of international online auction platforms for pre-owned luxury goods and rare collectibles. These include automobiles, handbags from designer and cult labels, fine jewellery and watches, premium wines or whiskies. Each site is managed and helmed by in-house experts and specialists in their respective fields, who curate and authenticate the items stringently, before they can be listed.

Dolores Tay, Founder and CEO

Global Pond is a culmination of Dolores Tay’s experiences from the perspective of both consumer and an industry veteran. Her aim: To make luxury accessible for all, on a one-of-a-kind, safe and secure global platform, that brings together enthusiasts and collectors, so that they can procure or sell their luxury goods at true-market value prices, without exorbitant commission charges levied.

With more than 20 years of management experience in public relations, branding, marketing and publishing, Dolores Tay has an impressive regional and global portfolio and is a game changer in every position she has assumed.

She started her marketing career at Singapore’s luxury fashion distributor Club21, but after a few years, her entrepreneurial drive led Tay to start her own marketing and communications agency in Singapore and later China and Kazakhstan. But an enticing offer to become the regional head of the marketing and communications division of fashion distributor, FJ Benjamin, and grow the business, brought Tay back to local shores.

A marketing maverick, Tay’s impressive track record of launching and elevating brands to greater profile, caught the attention of popular nightclub and restaurant KU DÉ TA Singapore (now Ce La Vie) and she was headhunted to be its public relations and marketing director in 2011. Under her leadership, the team launched several F&B businesses in the region to much high-profile fanfare.

In 2016, Tay founded Mummyfique, an independent digital magazine that caters to affluent mothers. It cottoned on quickly and is now an established name in its market segment.

Bitten by the digital bug, she also saw how the pre-owned luxury market is growing in both revenue and prevalence and changing the high-end retail eco-system. Recognising the gaps in the market, she is now taking on the world once more with Global Pond, an umbrella group of international online auction sites for pre-owned luxury goods and rare collectibles. The sites include Norman’s Pond for automobiles, Dol’s Pond for luxury bags and fine jewellery, and Vin’s Pond for premium wines, whiskies and spirits.

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